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screenshots from the project

El Helicoide: From shopping mall to torture prison

The aim was to make sure the user could navigate easily in a new environment. Working with 3D is really interesting from a UX perspective. Our collaboration with Holoscribe was helpful to get statistics on VR/360 projects. We had to test a lot and at different stages of the project. It was a success as the project was viewed more than two million times within its first week of publication. It was shared widely, notably by the British Foreign Secretary, the Secretary General of the OAS and the former Colombian President.
Produced by Charlie Newland.

What did I do?
UX, guerilla user testings, wireframes, user journeys, UI.

2019 Nominee Webby Awards: Best Individual Editorial Feature
Human Rights award (digital) and Silver award in the innovative format category at Malofiej

introduction design
user map
introduction design
introduction design